June 19, 2010

3 Ways to Look Better in Scrubs

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As a nurse, there aren’t a lot of options for amping up the fashion diva in you.  Sure, there are racks upon racks of different colors and patterns to choose from; but there are other ways to make sure you look your best even while you are essentially dressed just like everyone else on the floor.

The first thing about looking great in scrubs is to get the right fit.  Scrubs that are too loose or too tight will make you look heavier than you are.  To look great, don’t just reach for the same old size you always get.  Look around and see if perhaps there is a different size, or a different cut, that may be more suitable to your body type.  Taking this step can take pounds off of you without you needing to do extra laps on the treadmill or forego that cookie with lunch.

Furthermore, well fitting clothing makes you look more professional.  Of course you want to be comfortable, and you may think that none of your patients will notice one bit what you are wearing.  But really, even in the medical profession, you want to look your best all the time.  It may be the patient that notices, or it may be someone at work that notices that you take the time to look and act professional every time you are on the job.  When this is noticeable about you, it does play a role in your reputation and could come back to reward you when it is time for a raise or promotion.

Colors come into play in scrubs with almost every nurse today.  Pediatric nurses may seem to get the most leeway in the colors and patterns that they choose; but really, all nurses and medical personnel can look better in their scrubs by choosing mix and match colors and patterns to liven their mood or compliment their skin.

Color plays a role in people’s moods, so you can choose soothing colors if you work on a floor with particularly sick patients.  You can choose brighter colors and patterns if you work with people who may need a little extra lift from you.  And if the colors you wear make you feel better, then you will be more engaging with your patients; leaving them feeling better after they have seen you.  It is always a treat for a nurse to brighten a patient’s day.

The other way to look great in your scrubs is to dress them up with accessories.  The ID badge is a staple for anyone in a hospital setting.  For the private practice, there may not be the badge; but there are other items that a nurse may carry on a lanyard.  Through accessories like beaded lanyards, decorative barrettes and headbands, and even flowers, a nurse can make herself feel great and look great even if all she can wear is hospital issued navy blue scrubs.

Being a nurse is about caring for patients, not competing in a beauty pageant, true. But here’s the point:  when you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, that translates into better care for your patient.  That’s just the way it is.  A nurse goes through a lot and must take care of their own mood.  By looking good when you go to work, you do just that.

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