June 19, 2010

Crocs, Anyone?

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Walk down the hallways of any hospital, clinic or medical practice and you are sure to see at least one nurse donning the ever popular Croc shoe.  Just why crocs are so popular seems to come down to fit.  Most nurses report that this nursing shoe is the most comfortable they have found.  Their praises rise up to one resounding chorus: “We Love our Crocs!”

As a nurse, you are on your feet most of the day.  As such, there can come a point where your feet are screaming for relief.  Crocs shoes offer maximum comfort in a shoe that is not hundreds of dollars to buy.  Most people expect this kind of comfort from Jimmy Choo or Steve Madden; but Crocs are right up there with comfort.  Maybe on the style front, the other two shoe designers beat out Crocs; but you are at work and desire comfort.  For you, work is running up hallways to tend to patience, not strutting down the catwalk.

This brand of shoe has morphed into a major manufacturer that offers something for everyone. In fact, you can find Crocs both for work and for play if you really get into the comfort they offer.  For the medical field, these shoes seem to be popular also because they are non-slip – a factor you really want if you work in areas where spills occur.

So, if you know you want Crocs for work or already have some, here are some tips to dressing them up so you don’t look like everyone else.  With any luck, your shoes are not totally regulated at work and you can have some fun adding your own personal style to your nursing uniform.

•    Buy a few pairs is different colors and switch out the straps.  Because this is a trend that is catching on, some Crocs dealers actually sell straps separately so you don’t have to buy several pairs to really have fun.
•    If you are crafty and have some free time on the weekend to get into a project, you can buy some acrylic paint at the craft store and paint your own custom design onto your Crocs.  This can be done freehand or by using a stencil.  Once the paint is dry, you’re ready to show off your shoe style.
•    The easiest way to play up your style with Crocs today is through Jibbitz.  There are hundreds of Jibbitz designs now, so you can change your Jibbitz design with every new day to suit your mood.  These custom decorative pieces just pop in and out of the holes in Crocs, and can be found in zodiac signs, cartoon characters, glittery flowers and more.
•    For Do It Yourselfers, break out the hot glue gun and glue some sequins or ribbons onto your Crocs!

Feeling like you look great at work can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you wear the same thing day in and day out.  If you are limited with the allowances you get in the wardrobe department, try revving up the style of your shoes for a little fun.

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