June 19, 2010

Great Accessories for Nurses

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As a nurse, you are bound by certain uniform realities.  Depending on where you work, you may have options when it comes to scrubs and you may have tons of fun playing with colors and designs in your work wardrobe.  Some nurses are very lucky when it comes to this, and others are not.  If you are always looking for new and inventive ways to show off your individual style at work, then you may love some of these accessory options.

Most of the time, the accessories that a nurse wears at work are functional.  When we say “accessorize” for a nurse, we aren’t talking about a great leather belt or dangly earrings.  No, we are talking about lanyards and comfortable shoes!  A nurse is there to get the job done; but when you feel good about yourself, that confidence extends into the care you offer.

The accessories that you wear as a nurse can brighten your day; and also may bring a smile to your patients’ faces.  For instance, if you work in a ward or office that is normally quite humdrum and you are limited to monochromatic scrubs in one or two color choices, you could throw everyone a curveball by wearing brightly colored tennis shoes.  Depending on the rules and regulations in your institution, you could even throw a huge flower in your hair to complement the color of your eyes.

Some of the best accessories for nurses are lanyards.  These are widely used, and most of the time they are quite drab…just like the scrubs you must wear.  However, if you look into beaded lanyards to carry your ID badge, you will be happily surprised at just how well you can show off your personal style.

Beaded lanyards aren’t just for female nurses.  Well, ok, the guys won’t want to wear beads; but some lanyards or badge reels are made with leather and chrome – the perfect types of materials to keep the male nurse looking professional and stylish.

Badge reels are accessories of a different type and are ideal for nurses as they attend classes and conferences.  The lanyard is for everyday work, and the retractable badge reel can be for special occasions.  That is unless you hate your badge dangling at your chest; in which case you may like the retractable badge reel for every day.  This is another accessory that can be personalized depending on your own style preferences.  Some badge reels feature themes so you can change with the seasons.  Some are designed with flowers and some with black and chrome; the point is that you get to choose something that makes you feel good about yourself even when your clothes match pretty much everyone else’s in your immediate area.

From colorful stethoscopes to beaded lanyards to Nurse Minnie Mouse watches, nurses have a wide array of great accessories to add to their wardrobe.  No, you are not at work to look good; you are there to help the sick and save lives.  But with the stresses of your job, you have to go the extra mile to take good care of yourself so that you can perform at your best all the time.  Something as simple as a bright accessory can lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.

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