June 19, 2010

ID Badge Solutions

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Most nurses have a standard wardrobe that consists of scrubs and an ID badge.  Wearing an ID badge at work is not reserved specifically for medical personnel; but it is a standard part of the uniform in pretty much any job in medicine.  To make the most of the tools you have available, check out these solutions for ID badges to see if any make your life more convenient and your outfit more fashionable.

Some ID badges are actually digital cards; and as such they require more protection than a simple picture ID badge.  This is when a proximity card holder comes in handy.  These are designed specifically to protect these digital proximity cards.  This type of holder locks the card into place when you use it with a clip or a lanyard.  They can be found in either horizontal or vertical orientation.  Wear this with a beaded or decorative lanyard and perk up your scrubs!

Sometimes as a nurse you are a student again.  Ongoing training leads you to conferences where you expand your knowledge.  In this setting, you wear a different kind of ID badge and are typically given a clear plastic ID badge holder for the occasion.  If you don’t like the idea of pinning on your conference pass, bring your decorative lanyard from home, or a decorative clip that looks more like jewelry, and use that to hold your conference ID in place.  This way you look very professional while working off site.

When you wear an ID badge that seconds as a key or must be shown frequently, your badge is much used and you need to keep it close and secured.  In such instances, the badge reel is a tool that you will love.  This holder is easily attached to your standard badge holder, and allows you to extend your ID, scan it or show it as needed, and then simply retract it back to its starting position.  As with most  items for medical professionals, badge reels can also be found in decorative styles so you can show off your fashion sense and create your own unique look even in scrubs.

The ID badge is a mainstay for every nurse.  Losing it can cause a whole slew of problems and that is why it’s vitally important that you find an ID badge solution that works for you.  You want to keep your identity safe and do not want to create an inconvenient or costly situation by having to replace your badge.  There are enough stresses that go along with the nursing profession; make your uniform work for you by adequately securing your ID badge.

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