June 19, 2010

Packing for your Job Away from Home

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Being a traveling nurse has its perks and also has its specifics that may require some getting used to.  The traveling part is probably one of the biggest.  It’s not like you’re taking a vacation, after all; but you do want to make sure that you pack all of your necessities to keep you comfortable for the duration of your stay.

Because lodging is typically set up for you through your agency, you have little to worry about except ensuring that you take all that you may need without OVER-packing.  For convenience sake, it would be best to fit everything within one suitcase and one carry on.  Here is a list of recommendations for packing as a traveling nurse.

Most nurses, even traveling nurses, may find it more convenient to wear scrubs on the job.  This way your personal clothing isn’t subjected to possible stains or other hazards of the job.  Of course you want to look nice; and this is easily accomplished with well fitting scrubs and the right accessories to show off your personal style.  Wearing scrubs is great for the traveling nurse, as this eliminates the need for extra clothes that may be unnecessary.

•    Pack 3 to 4 pairs of scrubs in mix and match patterns and colors.  Just how many you pack could depend on the length of your job.  Just remember that there are Laundromats in all cities so you don’t have to pack a fresh pair for each day.
•    Also plan for extra activities such as exercise or entertainment.  To accommodate this, pack 2 to 3 pairs of exercise shorts or pants and 3 to 4 t-shirts.  Also be sure to pack workout shoes (don’t exercise in your work shoes).
•    For times out on the town, pack a pair of jeans and 1 or 2 nice shirts. Also pack a sweater; you never know exactly what the weather will be.  1 nice pair of shoes should get you through any time you spend off work.
•    Speaking of weather…be sure to check up on the weather for the town you will work in.  This will help you to determine if you should also pack a warm jacket.
•    Socks and undergarments are pretty easy to come by.  When packing for your job away from home, there is no need to unload your entire underwear drawer into a suitcase.  Pack only a few pairs of socks and undergarments.  You can always buy more when you arrive at your destination.
•    Clearly, you do not need (or want) to pack necessities such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc.  These items can be purchased once you are settled into your hotel or apartment.  Traveling without them is far easier.

Traveling for work can be so rewarding.  In fact, many nurses are catching on to the joys of traveling nursing.  However, with all benefits there are also negatives.  Not knowing how to pack properly can set you up for needless frustrations.  When you are moving around from one city to the next, the more streamlined you can get the better you will feel.

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