June 19, 2010

Playing Dress Up

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As a child, playing dress up was always a fun treat.  There may have been times when you even dressed up as a nurse or a doctor; most of us did that as much or more than dressing as Firemen and Fairy Princesses.  Now, you get to play dress up as a nurse every single day.  It’s not as much fun now as it was then, huh?

Don’t let go of your childish whim to dress up.  As a nurse, you can have an impact on all of your patients just through the way you dress and the way you feel.  When you feel playful, dress playful.  This isn’t a privilege reserved for those who work in Peds; every nurse works hard and deserves to have a little lightness to their being every now and then.

If you’re stuck in a uniform rut at work, try changing up your wardrobe to bring a nice change of pace to your mental attitude.  As you know, when you feel better; you are able to offer the very best care.  When your attitude is light, then you are well prepared to handle the stresses that come along with a day in nursing.

One way to change up your wardrobe is to try on a new pair of scrubs.  Go the extra mile with this, and find scrubs that are not only a different pattern or color; but also check out different styles of scrubs.  With a little research, you may be able to find scrubs with a different type of cut; one that totally compliments your body type.  Scrubs can make you look heavier than you are if they are too large or too tight; so fit is really important if you want to put your best fashion foot forward.

To go along with the nurse’s life are a slew of accessories that the nurse carries.  Your ID badge is one of the most important things you will keep on you.  At work, you have a badge that keeps you moving from one part of the hospital to another without delay.  Sometimes a badge can second as a key for restricted areas.  For this reason, it is imperative that your badge be kept near and safe.  This is why so many nurses carry their items on a lanyard or a badge reel.  Today, you can find both of these items in decorative form on the net.  Some online stores, like boojeebeads.com, are devoted solely to these functional items.  Just because you need to be functional doesn’t mean you can be fashionable too.

Dressing up can be something that you do as the seasons change, since many scrubs and lanyards feature specific designs for specific holidays.  With Independence Day fast approaching, you could step out in some colorful patriotic scrub pants and compliment them with a simple red, white or blue top.  If your scrubs are regulated to be a specific color, then you could use a lanyard that features flags or simple red, white and blue beadwork.

Feeling good at work is important.  When you feel good, your whole day seems to go better.  Because you go through special circumstances so much of the time; it is important that you find the little things that can help to lift your mood and make you the best nurse you can be.

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