June 19, 2010

The Rewards of a Career in Nursing

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Set foot onto any ward of a hospital; into any private practice exam room; or into any clinic and you will quickly find that nursing can be a demanding job without many thank you’s.  The job takes and takes…it takes your time, your energy, and sometimes it takes a toll on your spirit.  However….that being said, there are plenty of rewards that seasoned nurses will tell you about.  Here are a few of the top rewards nurses report coming home with.

1.    The human connection.   Not only do nurses feel the connection with their patients; they also have a kind of camaraderie with one another that spans the entire globe.  Once you become a nurse, you have joined a unique group of men and women who give of themselves in a way that touches the lives of many.  In no other profession can you become intimately involved with your “clients” as you do in nursing.  It is also one of the few professions where you can help change a life so significantly.

2.    Job security is necessary in today’s society; and nursing still offers that much sought after aspect of employment.  In fact, the more flexible you are as a nurse, the more in demand you become.  Some nurses travel; while others focus on one specific area throughout their entire nursing career.  Whatever you choose to do as a nurse, you are pretty much assured that a job will be there for you at any given time.

3.    Flexibility is a huge reward of nursing.  Not only can you choose the type of nurse you want to be and what medical setting you want to work in; you can also have control over when and where you work in terms of location.  Travel nurses are finding ways to explore the country and the world while expanding their knowledge and experience at the same time.  This type of flexibility is not found in many jobs. As a nurse, you can take advantage of your special skills with children, or with     the elderly. You can choose to become a nurse educator or even an entrepreneur instead of limiting yourself to one office and one building for your entire career.

4.    Respect.  Back in the early days of flight, airlines hired nurses to work as stewardesses because their presence made people more confident to fly.  Today, people look at nurses with awe and respect; looking at them as merciful and graceful human beings with a giving spirit.

5.    Personal growth is unavoidable in nursing.  While the growing process can sometimes be stressful; the end result is that you come out a more capable, more thoughtful, more confident person!

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