June 19, 2010

Eating for Energy

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As a nurse, it is imperative that you are on your game at all times.  You are not allowed to crash and burn halfway through your shift when you have patients counting on you.  Oh no, even if you are set up with a 12 hour shift (or especially so), you must keep your energy flowing evenly in order to perform at your best.

Eating healthy is not difficult, even when you are eating out or find yourself snacking from the vending machine.  An occasional treat is fun and you are very deserving of a treat now and then.  Obtain your daily sustenance from the cafeteria, the vending machine, or the nearest McDonald’s, however, is not the way to set yourself up for ongoing energy and a healthy body.

As a nurse, it is in some ways expected of you to be the face of health.  Think about it.  You are the one treating patients who have fallen into poor health.  If you are the one with the answers, you should look the part.  That means that your immune system needs to be up and your energy needs to shine through your eyes.  What you consume will either make or break you when it comes to maintaining health and energy throughout your days as a nurse.  Here are some tips to help you make it through.

•    Eat fresh.  Some of the best things you can take to work every day are apples and nuts.  For your mid-shift snack, eat a few nuts, an apple and some cheese and you’re good to go for another few hours.  Fresh foods keep you going because they do not contain all the additives and preservatives of packaged foods.  They are primed and ready to give you a sugar lift without overdoing it.  You want your blood sugar regulated throughout the day, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to achieve this.
•    Eat at the right times.  This can take some getting used to; but in order to maintain health and vitality on the job, you should eat every four hours.  When you are more active, you eat more frequently, like every three hours; but on the job you can pretty much get what you need with meals spaced 4 hours apart.  The thing is, you should eat enough to feel full but not stuffed; and what you eat should keep you going until the next meal.  If you are hungry before 4 hours, you will need to start consuming more at each meal.  It can take some finesse; but you will find the amounts to eat to maintain your energy and create a healthier you.
•    Eat, don’t drink, your calories.  Sugary drinks like your favorite caramel macchiato have more calories than is necessary, and so much sugar that you are bound to feel great for awhile and then crash before your shift is over.  Water is your best friend when it comes to hydrating.  Sticking with water, tea or coffee (coffee drinks not included!) can help you perk up when you do need that caffeine; but won’t dump a bunch of sugar into your system.