June 19, 2010

Scrubs and Your Body Type

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When you dress for work, you want to not only look professional but you want to feel good about yourself.  You may think that because you wear scrubs to work, you are in a cookie cutter uniform and they have to look the way they look.  Well, it’s not that simple.  This is actually a good thing; because even those androgynous unisex scrubs can flatter your body (or not) depending on the cut and the fit.

To determine which style of scrubs will make you look your very best, you first have to understand your body type.  To do this, you must be willing to objectively observe your body…naked.  You may already know the type that you fall into.  That’s great.  For those who don’t, consider the following:

•    Are you thin and long through the torso; more athletically built?
•    Is your chest/bust large and your shoulders broad?
•    Are you shoulder narrow and hips wider?
•    Are your shoulders and hips both wider and your waist more narrow?

When you consider your body, do not take it as an opportunity to beat yourself up mentally.  Most of us could use a few more sit ups.  Just accept your body at this point and move on to finding the scrubs you need for work.

If you have an athletic built, with a narrow and slim torso, prints can be quite flattering on you.  Layering is also a great way to compliment your figure.   To bring the modern flair to your uniform, wear a short-sleeve jacket over a long-sleeve tee with fitted arms.  When it comes to pants, find some with a flared leg.

For the larger chested physique, you want to make sure your tops fit properly.  Tight tops will make you look heavier, not sexier.  Besides, at work you want everything to stay in place. However, don’t run to the other extreme and a top that is baggy.  You are not trying to hide your bust or accentuate it; you are trying to fit it.  For this body type, the most flattering fit comes from a V-neck, mock-wrap scrub top.  Solid colored tops are best, as are fitted pants (not tight).

If you have narrow shoulders with more weight or wider hips and thighs, a printed top will even out your proportions nicely.  Necklines such as scoop-neck or boat-neck are very flattering, especially if you layer them with a printed hip-length jacket.  It is most flattering to pair these patterned tops with solid pants.

For the hourglass figure, with wider shoulders and hips, flared pants or straight legged pants are the right fit.  Pair these with either scoop neck or V-neck tees.  If you wear a jacket, find a design or style that is cinched a bit at the waist.

Just because you wear scrubs to work doesn’t mean that you can’t look your very best.  Dressing for your body type is the best way to feel great and look professional at work.