November 23, 2010

Tips for Making the Most of Travel Assignments

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Tips for Making the Most of Travel Assignments

Working as a travelling nurse comes with certain advantages – and certain challenges. Successfully navigating this career choice is dependent upon creating those habits that enable you to take full advantage of the perks that most interest you. Here are some tips for making the most of travelling nursing assignments.

1. Pack Wisely

When air travel is required to get to your job destination, packing light is key. Airlines have strict guidelines when it comes to baggage, and you don’t want to pay too much, if anything, to get your necessities to your destination. Learning to take the bare essentials is necessary. The essentials that you will need are dependent on how long you will be on the job. There may be some instances in which you will want to pay extra for baggage so that you have a wide ranging wardrobe.

To keep your work wardrobe up to date and fun, packing jewelry lanyards to hold identification is a great idea. The Id lanyard is a big part of any nursing job since you will wear an employee badge on the job. When you’re in a new location meeting new people, jewelry lanyards that feature fun designs gives you a little pep and makes you feel great. Jewelry lanyards have served to break the ice in plenty of situations, and travel nursing is just one example.

Packing an ID lanyard for every occasion is easy to do, since these items take up very little room in your suitcase. There are plenty of other tips for enjoying travelling nursing; but the point to this ID lanyard tip is to have more fun, to show off your stylish side and give yourself and others something to smile about.

2. Get the Lay of the Land

Visiting any new city is fun and exciting, even when work is involved. Many travelling nurses suggest that you arrange to arrive in new cities a few days early. By doing this, you give yourself time to settle in and even relax by the pool or go site-seeing before the hectic schedule of work begins.

When working as a travelling nurse, work is intense and busy. Many times you may be learning new skills. At the very least, you are learning new people, cultures and ways of doing your job. Each new job may come with its own unique set of circumstances and expectations, so taking time to relax when you’re not working is essential. Focusing only on the job defeats the purpose of travelling, doesn’t it?

3. Stay Connected

Although working as a travelling nurse has many perks, there is the issue of loneliness to deal with. For some, meeting and engaging with the new people they meet keeps them going. For others, the absence of tangible familial support can take a toll. It is important to find ways to stay connected to loved ones back home, especially if your assignment will keep you away for several months. Online tools such as Skype allow nurses to visit with family and friends “face to face”.

Working as a travelling nurse is not for everyone. But those who choose this as their career path, even for a short amount of time, will reap great rewards and create memories to last a lifetime.