April 1, 2011

How to Show Your Coworkers You Care

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Your coworkers are some of the people that you see the most during the week. For eight hours a day, five days a week, you share the company of your fellow employees. If only for that fact alone, it is very important to show them that you value their time and care about them. There are a few things that you can do to express your feelings for your coworkers and make them feel special.

A great way to show your coworkers that you care is by getting them a small personalized gift that adds ease to their day. Many companies require their employees to carry IDs. These IDs can get lost or misplaced during the daily rushes of the day. Why not get your coworker a simple lanyard to help keep all of their IDs in place? lanyards and badge holders add ease to your coworker’s life by allowing them to have instant access to all of their important documentation. You can also customize the lanyard by adding your coworkers name or favorite colors to it.

Lanyards come in all shapes and sizes and can add both function and fashion to your coworker’s wardrobe. They will appreciate the simple gesture that also has a huge impact on their hearts.

Did you enjoy field trips as a child? Try organizing a fun trip to a local museum or aquarium with all of your coworkers. This fun filled day will help to bring all of you together and realize how much you enjoy each other’s company. Have one of your coworkers book the venue and another one schedule a meeting place for all of you to meet up at. Try to reach a group consensus on where you’d all like to go. If somebody wants to go to the zoo and another person wants to go to a play, reach an agreement to see a show about animals

Another great way to bond with your coworkers is to have your boss organize a potluck for the office. Everyone can bring their favorite dish and participate in the party. If it’s the holiday season, ask your boss or HR to help organize an office holiday party at a local restaurant. This will get everybody in the office excited and into the holiday mood. You can also request of your boss to throw a Secret Santa event where everybody can get each other small, inexpensive gifts, Everybody will enjoy receiving the gifts and giving them.

Coworkers are a very important and vital part of our lives. We share in their company a lot during the work week. Getting along with your coworkers create a welcoming environment that everybody is sure to enjoy. Showing that you appreciate them by giving them function presents such as lanyards and badge holders will show them that you care. To make your workday go by smoother, try showing them how much you care and appreciate them. Everybody will bond and your work day will be much more relaxed and fun.


December 30, 2010

5 Great Tools for the Busy Nurse

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As any nurse can attest to, there are many tools of the trade that make the job run more smoothly.  There’s nothing like a useful tool to make you more effective at your job quickly and easily.  Here, we will take a look at some of the best tools for any nurse in any setting.  Most of these tools are general enough to work well across the board, while one or two may be specialized for the hospital setting.

Lanyards and badge holders are widely used in the health care industry, and have been for some time now.  However, for a long time that was just because they were useful.  Now, with the innovation of the beaded lanyard and decorative holders, lanyards and badge holders are more stylish than ever.  In the medical setting, with scrubs being the standard uniform, nurses and other medical professionals may find themselves looking for ways to add panache to their work attire.  The beaded lanyard is one way to ensure you look and feel great on the job while lanyards and badge holders are holding your necessary identification or electronic keys.

Technology provides ample opportunity for nurses to accomplish their tasks as smoothly as possible.  When you know what is available to you in terms of technology, you can arm yourself with new tools as they come onto the market.  The iPhone is one tool that allows the busy nurse to find new technology that will help them do their job.  Here are four applications (apps) that nurses are raving about.

  • The A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator is an app that is now commonly used by patients.  While the nurse may not need the help of the app to determine the symptoms of their patients, it is useful to know what your patients are looking at on their own and how they may be assessing their own symptoms.  Knowledge is power, so take advantage of this resource!
  • Epocrates Rx is a free iPhone app that does not require a wireless connection because the app is downloaded right to your mobile device.  With this handy app comes a drug guide, formulary information and drug interaction checker.  With regular alerts to new updates and medical news, the busy nurse will never be without the most recent information related to pharmaceuticals.
  • The iChart app is great for keeping important patient information organized and safe.  This app stores patient data in an organized fashion.  Data stored included lists and medications and other important information that you need to access quickly.
  • Continuing education is a large part of any nurse’s life and career.  Now there is an easier way than ever to stay up to date with continuing education credits with the ReachMD CME iPhone application.  This convenient app is easy to use and also provides fully accredited Continuing Medical Education units for credit you can get right through your iPhone or even your iTouch.

The apps mentioned here are just a few of those available to help nurses.  Many more can be found, and we’ll take a closer look at more in our next post!